Surf Simulator 2 Hours
Ultimate Wipeout 2 Hours
From : £189
Surf Simulator 3 Hours
Surf Simulator 3 Hours
From : £260
Surf Simulator 4 Hours
Surf Simulator 4 Hours
From : £299
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Surf Simulator Hire Manchester

The aim of the Surfing Simulator is for one person young or old to stand on the life size surf board while the operator will simulate movements of the ocean. This can a gentle wave to a giant tsunami. You will have to keep your balance otherwise you will suffer the inevitable Wipeout! Competition timers will keep record of the current time and the best time to make one individual the winner at the end of the booking.

The Surf Simulator from Rodeo Empire can make a popular addition to any party. Beach party theme or no theme you will still have hours of enjoyment. We will deliver the Surf Simulator throughout the whole North West including Manchester, Stockport, Wythenshawe, Cheshire, Liverpool, Warrington, Preston and Leeds areas.

It is possible to make a corporate package with multiple items from our website and benefit from a discount. You can book this online or by calling 07516 388 484. The Surf Simulator is also commonly know as a Surf Sim or Surfing Game.